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  1. redjackson

    Winter rye cereal seed

    I dropped by a couple Saturdays ago in Glasgow and it was closed FYI
  2. redjackson

    Home building brake lights coming on

    A couple of our contractors are slowing down and one is still going to keep on building until they slow down selling. We have been continuing to do service work as well as new construction to stay diversified. I am flat wore out from running wide open for the last 2 years so i wont mind it...
  3. redjackson

    Monsters amongst us

    Public hanging and leave them for a couple weeks. Wayyy to easy on these SOBs is why they are multiplying. They have always been here but they aren’t scared anymore
  4. redjackson

    Needing some prayers

    Prayers sent
  5. redjackson

    Trailer for sale?

    Or rent…..rooms to let .50….
  6. redjackson

    hunting buddy

    My old man. Tables have turned and i take him now because he can’t go and do like he used to. Get a little misty just typing this. Damn close second is my boys! Oldest is more about it than my youngest but we always have a ball.
  7. redjackson

    Welcome to Walmart

    Probably just went though the frozen food section.
  8. redjackson

    Gator question

    Lol glad its not a real gator issue. Thanks guys. Have you all changed them before? PIA? Do you all suggest any certain brand?
  9. redjackson

    Gator question

    I have a used 07 gator 620i that has developed a popping noise in the drivers rear. It pops when weight is shifted while turning and when you let off the gas and it is decelerating. Before i google it just curious if anyone on here had similar issues.
  10. redjackson

    Poison ivy

    Lol. Ive spent many an anniversary in a deer stand.
  11. redjackson

    Poison ivy

    X2 on the jewel weed. Ive gotten poison ivy bad my whole life. My wife makes a tincture with it and i works great. Also they make a soap with it in it i will use if ive been cutting wood or especially during turkey season. Best thing for me when it itches is to run the hottest water you can...
  12. redjackson

    What if!

    Im 41 and still dont know what I want to do when I grow up.
  13. redjackson

    Simple things that bring happiness…

    Sweet sound of lead smacking steel. Hearing my boys gut bust laugh. Sipping on a cup of coffee with my wife.
  14. redjackson

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    We had a family cookout/get together for my parents 50th anniversary. Blessed to have both still.
  15. redjackson

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Finished roughing in a house and on to the next one tomorrow
  16. redjackson

    Corn mills

    If you are looking for a specific one let me know. I will keep an eye out for one.
  17. redjackson

    Garden 2022

    Lol I remember doing that in the baccer patch. It was self preservation from a whipping 😂
  18. redjackson

    Corn mills

    Hey Barney, what size sieve you use for meal and grits?

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