11/26 Roll Call

Oct 15, 2022
Big Springs
Nothing here around Big Springs. Nice foggy sunrise. Hoot owl above me scared the poopsie out of me. Several trucks and vehicles with trailers and atvs going up and down road this morning but only 1 far off shot. Probly sit a good while today. Tomorrow's weather.......Nah I'm good.


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
I’ve seen a big body young buck, a doe and yearling. No shots offered. Pretty day.


12 pointer
Apr 3, 2007
6 does and fawns. My cams arent even showing any bucks. She has hunted hard every chance she could. I keep hoping that she will have some luck


6 pointer
Jan 23, 2016
Good luck everyone, looks like a beautiful morning. I'm stuck at home with Covid and it sucks. Wife got it Tuesday and I started feeling bad Wednesday and have missed all the Thanksgiving gathering and meals.

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