8 point with a dropped side already


8 pointer
May 4, 2009
Ive seen a small 8 point a bunch this year had him on camera last night packing both sides, showed up today missing left side. I thought it was awful early.

Mt Pokt

8 pointer
Nov 8, 2018
Campbell County
A couple of years back, my cousin shot a small 6 point on the last ML Saturday. When we strolled up to it, it was antlerless.
I asked if he was sure it was a buck and he was so certain, he spent a couple hours in the thicket finding both sheds.
He did the honorable thing of tagging it as a buck.


6 pointer
Oct 7, 2015
Seen em packing horns several times during turkey season. Maybe he has an injury or is sick, that tends to be why they shed early.


6 pointer
Dec 11, 2020
South East Ky
Found sheds in December, seen em still packing in May. New a guy that found one about 20 years ago day before Green River WMA hunt first weekend in November, a guy camping next to him killed the deer the next morning, and he gave it to him, perfect match, big 10 point.


12 pointer
Apr 7, 2015
I have an 8 here that lost 1/2 his rack the other night but it was in a fight, busted it just above the base. Bet that stung a lil bit.