A few birds


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Aug 5, 2015
I have a few turkey but not as many as usual.


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Aug 5, 2015
You won't see any flocks like that here in this section EKY. I wish. But 8-15 birds is tops in a flock here. I'd love to see that here though!
Seems like when turkeys first came around here they just multiplied like crazy. I had silage in a bed to feed my cattle and they would find it every year. I would look out and turkey would be all around , on top and in the pile digging out corn. All the fields here would have turkeys scattered all over them. When we put silage in my troughs there would be turkeys eating in the troughs and along with the cattle.
Turkeys would be everywhere when I started feeding from the silage bed, even in my yard and out in the middle of the road. Cars would have to stop at times because of turkeys in the road. It is a wonder there hasn't been a wreck from people driving by and looking at them.
Turkey numbers are down from what they used to be. And no I have never hunted turkey anywhere close to where we feed.



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Jun 12, 2005
" Between the Rivers "
Like a switch got turned on today. Hens and strutters in every field around the house. Sure gets me fired up and looking forward to season.

Saw the same thing this afternoon…… I disked and sprayed about an 1-1/2 acre plot a few weeks ago and plan on planting this coming Wednesday. Had a roller I want to use after I broadcast and decided to run it out to the farm. Didn’t see a turkey anywhere driving over or on our place around noon. But around 3pm…. was like flipping a switch…. birds out in fields everywhere.

Which the wind & cold was terrible this morning …. figure birds were holding tight to anywhere they could get some relief. But as soon as the wind died down a bit and sun…. they hit the fields.

Saw quite a few strutters but flocks were still pretty large…. at least to my thoughts. I’m sure they’re starting to bust up to somewhat smaller groups but bet most of what I saw flocks had 30-40 birds grouped up in the fields. Which it’s still early…and with freezing temps this weekend .. hopefully not too many nest affected.


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Dec 16, 2009
up yours Kentucky
Saw two toms breeding hens in two different fields and days in Indiana on the way to Champaign Ill on hwy74 thought it was kinda early!! Seen small groups up north and down here large groups funny how each states are different!!