After the midterms things will,........


12 pointer
Sep 23, 2016
My post mid-term predictions:

1. All races will come together in perfect harmony and love one another based on their individual merits.

2. The Federal and State income taxes will be reduced to the bare minimum required to maintain a superior army and the national infrastructure ... resulting in the following:

A. Federal and State employees will be laid off by the thousands and all those who are actually willing to work will be gainfully employed by the private sector whose leaders will be creating new jobs faster than they can fill them due to the booming economy.

B. Welfare will be slashed to a subsistence level for those able to work.

C. Foreign Aid will only be offered to countries who establish Constitutional Republics similar to the United States and even then on a minimum basis.

C. Capital punishment will be restored and criminals will be punished and actually be held in captivity for the length of their sentences.

D. Recreational drugs will be made legal and therefore cheap putting all the drug cartels out of business and letting Darwin eliminate the weak and stupid.

E. Publishing lies and promoting socialism will become a misdemeanor punishable by deportation to Venezuela for a period of not less than 90 days.

F. Medical care and cost will be dictated by the free market with government intervention allowed only to maintain quality.

G. Illegal immigration will not be tolerated.

H. Frivolous and losing lawsuits will be paid for by the party that instituted them.

I. Term limits will be imposed on ALL elected offices and ........

WHHHAT ........... huh ....... oh crap!!

I've been sleep typing again .... sorry ... ;)

DREAMING! Time to wake up! Great dream though.