Another mid day buck


6 pointer
Jun 3, 2012
Had to take me son to school this morning so didn’t get to hunt. So planned on getting in the tree around 10:30am and sitting until dark we’ll by the time I got to the tree after all my running it was 12:20. Haven’t seen any chasing or anything this year just has been weird in the deer woods in general. Well I was messaging a buddy asking if I had shot one this afternoon if he could help me get him out he said he had a dinner to go to so better make it a good one, I was like no worries if I shoot it’s going to be a good one. That was at 1:39pm at 1:40pm I text him saying buck down that’s how quick this hunt happened. This buck came in chasing a doe shot him at 35 yards and dropped in his tracks. Got him scored up and grossed 161 2/8 this makes the 5th buck over 160 that has been killed from noon - 2:30pm. This is my widest buck by far at 22” inside with 23” main beams and had some major Palmation. Couldn’t be more tickled with this guy.


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