Anyone have a source for reasonably priced fruit tree seedlings?

James Scott White

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Oct 17, 2020
Rowan County
I bought apples, pears, plums, and peaches at Tractor Supply for 13 a peice but you’ll need some soil to add to your holes you dig.

Another thing I’m doing this year for the deer is starting apples from seed. After doing some research I’ve leaned that starting apples this way is difficult and after trying it, I agree. I’ve tried about 30 seeds- so far only about 5 have germinated. The most success Ive has has actually been from apples ive let get old and the seeds will actually germinate inside the apple. I’ve got them under a high pressure sodium light in my garage. Gonna pot them up one time and then put however many I can get in at a few perennial food plots this fall. Obviously I won’t know what kind of apples these seeds will produce and it’s a long term investment but it’s awful cheap and the deer don’t care.

Stone Branch

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Jun 27, 2019
Lewis county, KY
When the original owner built this house, they stole the topsoil for the yard off the Chestnut Oaks in the lower end of the yard. House was 9 when I bought it and I can tell what they did cause those oaks are dying off. You can't take the topsoil off a mature tree like that and it live. I'm going to take those trees out this winter and grind the stumps. Then I'm going to put a small orchard in there with apple, peach, persimmon and dogwood (for the wife). I'm going to fence them off to keep the deer and rabbits out of them til they can get some age. Then I'll take the fencing down and share with the deer. Maybe some treestand snacks and pies and cobblers for us and some bonus grub for the critters. Yard is sanctuary for the deer, momma's rules, though one young buck almost got is butt shot. She wanted a live Xmas tree one year, and after that Xmas in the spring, we planted it in the front yard. It grew prolly 2' that first year and that fall she was putting her makeup on to go to work (her makeup table is at the alcove window) and she looked out the window to see this buck rubbing up her Xmas tree. :) He stunted it a bit but it's growing again! :)

Stole the the top soil and compacted what was left. Compacting soil over top of oak roots is a death sentence.



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Oct 11, 2005
My wife bought a bag of some sort of apples last November. I saved a few of the seeds and planted them in a flat of wood chip compost to stratify over the winter. The little trees have started to emerge in the last few weeks. Some are hard to see but there's 4 or 5 peeking out.


Lady Hunter

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Jan 12, 2009
I put some pears in the frig and left them there til January. Dug the seeds out of the rotten mess & wrapped them in damp paper towels to germinate. 6 of them did and I moved them to pots. So far, so good! (That's a blueberry bush in the bigger cup.)