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Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
Wife and kids heard about my fish fry at work, and they wasn't gonna stand for it.
Fresh flathead, and a batch of last months frogs too. Won't be long now


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Mar 14, 2005

Little side of a country road wild raspberry patch has given me late June fishing snacks for a lot of years. Just enough handfuls or coffee cup fuillups for the ride home and maybe some with ice cream of a evening. Tasty. And very free.

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Jan 12, 2009
Ya know those butts that are on sale???

Smoked two Friday & canned them up Saturday.



Not real wild about the way they canned up. So much fat!!! I shoulda let them drain longer... but at least they sealed & will be good this winter.


Meanwhile, took another 2 butts & ground them up & put the AC Legg's #10 and red pepper flakes to them. Cooked it all up & canned the sausage too!




I'd love to grab a couple more for the freezer but we're flat outta room since the big freezer died & we haven't gotten around to replacing it....

Lady Hunter

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Jan 12, 2009
When my grandma canned sausage she fried patties, stacked and packed them in jars and poured the rendered grease over them. I honestly can’t remember how she processed after that if at all, I’m sure she did since were all still alive. They fried and canned up a lot after we killed hogs.
Actually she probably didn't process them at all. What you described is the old way of canning sausage patties & a lot of people still do it today. I'm not that brave though!

I've got a bunch of patties though that I'm thinking about trying to can the same way I did the crumbles just to see how they turn out. Cook, stack in jars, add fluid (I used a broth made of sausage seasoning & water), and pressure can 75 minutes pint/90 minutes quarts.

Lady Hunter

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Jan 12, 2009
I watched Tim Farmer just now and they covered in chicken broth and a little rendered grease and processed like you wound any other meat, 60 min for pints and 90 for quarts I believe it was. I wouldn’t be brave enough to eat it without processing.
Yep. Except meats are always 75 pints/90 quarts (except fish which are only approved for half pints or pints, both of which require 100 minutes of processing).

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