barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

Dark Cloud

12 pointer
Aug 14, 2009
Lawrence Co.
A big chuck roast from the freezer and some fingerling taters, carrots and onions from the cellar made a fine beef stew! I also ground a mess of Blue Clarage cornmeal for the cornbread. It was only wife and me today and we bout wiped the pone of cornbread out before it was all said and done!

Sure looks good
My local butcher.

I’ll check Walmart. It used to be cheaper at Kroger.
I bet you were getting the Smidge and Spoon at Kroger, it’s the same brand I was getting at Sam’s for $11 like you said. It’s been out of stock awhile at my local Sam’s in Paducah. They do have the MM 10 pound bags for like $6.

Edit: I just checked again and Paducah Sam’s will be back in stock tomorrow with MM for $14.78. Bet Marion will be too.