Big Bobcat down!

Dec 26, 2003
Van Buren, Ohio
Been chasing these critters for a while, finally scored on a big female. Used a variety of bird calls on and off from my ole Flextone call. Had maybe been there 30 - 45 minutes calling on and off. Had a turkey feather on a string out in front of me for decoy. Was in between calling sequences thinking about getting up and moving on, when something caught my eye, and here was this cat staring at my turkey feather. She was maybe 75 yards out in the thick just lookin at that feather lol. My first thought was "Ill be damned"

Well here come the Ruger .257, ready over the shooting sticks, handloads with 85 gr Nosler Varmint Ballistic Tips got er done. It was a good morning fer sure!
Good job! Beautiful


May 2, 2022
Nest raider fawn killer no cat was looking at your turkey feather thinking 'where rest if my meal'.. lead was its last meal


12 pointer
Dec 25, 2008
On top of a hill in Ky
Also curious, if they're good with cats. Wouldn't happen to be Pruitt, would it?
Pruitt doesn’t live in Metcalfe, he’s in Barren. The taxidermist I recommended lives directly on the Metcalfe/Green line. Not sure which county she’s actually in. He could be referring to the same one? Or he may be talking about Country Raised Taxidermy between Edmonton and Summer Shade. I haven’t ever seen their work. So I can’t speak on it.

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