Bird Watching with my Canon XA40 camcorder


12 pointer
Dec 19, 2017
Southern wva
I like watching those nuthatch , when I’m in the stand always upside down pecking on the bark of trees , cool video thanks for sharing it


6 pointer
Nov 1, 2011
Central KY
I think every hunter appreciates the sights and sounds of sitting still in the woods, especially in a deer stand. I’ve told people that really aren’t outdoorsman, that if you just sit down in the woods for 15 minutes and be still and quite, you’ll be amazed what you will see.


12 pointer
Feb 25, 2007
Thanks for sharing. I like birds too. It was always an eventful time when my Boys were young. Sitting in a blind at Day break, take note of the birds waking up, it went from quiet to singing all around. Make you appreciate Gods creations and critters! The small things in life. I remember their little faces lighting up when they realize and understand how awesome it is!