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Sep 25, 2002
Savoring the smoke
A few of my favorites. I've pretty much quit chasing unicorns now and I've switched over to single barrel store picks. The liquor stores put together a team to go to the various distilleries and sample several individual barrels. Each team member ranks the barrels, and the winner gets bottled with the store's label or sticker. Some of these store picks are phenomenal, but just about all of them are better than the standard production version of the same bourbon.

1 KY Owl Batch 2 or 6
2 BTAC William Larue Weller
3 OWA store picks
4 Old Forester 1920
5 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
6 Henry McKenna 10 year
7 Evan Williams Bottled in Bond

Honorable mentions
OF 1910
Old Grand Dad 100 proof
EH Taylor single barrel
Knob Creek Store picks
most barrel bourbon blends
Angels Envy Rye

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