Bourbon and whiskey


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Jul 21, 2009
At the workbench, Kentucky
Guessin the spirits weren't part of the gift.

Nosir...he was a recovered alcoholic originally from eastern Ky. I'm actually not sure if he purchased it new and drank the contents or just ended up with the crate. He liked old vintage items or anything else he thought cool so it wouldn't have been unusual for him to have it either way. Stuff like this is what sits around my shop and horn room...I don't do a lotta shoppin at Kirklands lol.
$55 for 1.75



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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
I used to buy Rebel Yell, not for the taste, but because I liked that Confederate mounted officer on a rearing horse with his saber drawn. Not since they got all politically correct, I haven’t bought one bottle in years.

When I was real young, I’d pick up a pint of Bowling Green. Cheapest stuff on the planet. I used to tell everybody it was aged a whole day.

Lady Hunter

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Jan 12, 2009
We're on an Old Fashioned kick here right now.... My current favorite is Knob Creek Smoked Maple with simple sugar & walnut bitters. My husband's is one made with Blackberry Whiskey, simple syrup, and orange bitters. p.s. I tried one last night with Skatterbrain & walnut bitters. It wasn't BAD but it was way sweeter than I expected so I won't be doing that one again.



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Apr 7, 2015
Buddy in MD found 2 releases of Blantons that are not normally sold in the states, and found a Four Roses Super Premium also usually sold only in Japan. Asked if I wanted them but they were to dear in price for my taste. The one Blantons is only sold in Europe usually, has the gold top. Can't remember the other.

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