Bud Light Honors Trans


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
Wish i could say i drink miller light cause of bud going woke, but, i never liked bud light. either bud, or miller light i can handle.
that being said, i dont drink as much beer, because of low sodium, and doctors orders. it has reduced my blood pressure. that is good, though it has taken me a bit to get use to lower blood pressure. now it reads 117 over 70 most the time, where it was 130 over 86 most the time. bud,, a lot of beer, goodby to you. alot for me was 56 beers a day most times. 5' 2 and 115 lbs., was all i needed, for a good buzz.
life in the fast lane...
8- 16 oz beers since the 24th of may. can, and cant, say i miss it.


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.

Retail giant (Target) sells transgender clothing for INFANTS!​

'We're here for that': Levi's CEO says it is GROWING its gender neutral line because there is 'definitely consumer appetite for that' when asked about Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney fiasco​



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Jul 3, 2015
Battle Run

Hold steady folks!

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