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Busted up and Broke off Racks


12 pointer
Aug 23, 2011
I like to shoot bigger bucks, simply because I get more bang for the buck when I have them processed. Not into the horn porn. If he’s a nice mature buck and he’s still got enough antler sticking up to be legal, broken off or not, I’m gonna try to put him down.
No problem with that. I would rather let them go, and hope to see them next year. It's a personal decision.


6 pointer
Nov 27, 2017
Your sisters house


6 pointer
Dec 17, 2013
Shooting all the doe and letting b uks go year after year causes em to scrap a ton more. I don’t have many bucks I have caught on camera this year but the few I seen are all scarred up… racks intact but the fur and neck as all beat up. Bare spots and cuts.


8 pointer
Jun 19, 2016
Seen a buck tonight that came in following a doe and twin fawns. I seen this buck a couple weeks ago under me when I seen one of the bucks I want to kill. He's a 6 trying to be a 7 . He busted half his rack of probably 3" above the burr. Thinking he's 2.5 yo. Small 8 came in behind him and he left. I'm guessing doe fawn in heat because the 8 stood there staring at her and when she turned he charged her and she ran across the road and he just slowly followed her. Her mom and other fawn ran in the woods and left her

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