Casey County


12 pointer
Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
It's about a week early for full color, but my wife and I made the trip to Casey county yesterday in my vintage Jeep that I bought new in '94. Love going down there in the fall.

We hit Laverne's Market for a ginormous pumpkin ($5.00) and a couple of gallons of apple cider ($6.00). Went over to Showalter's meats for some sausage and fresh pork tenderloin. We were disappointed that they weren't cooking sorghum at Oberholtzer's, but we were able to buy 3 quarts of fresh sorghum for about half what we would pay in a local store.

But the highlight of the day was a new place - Martin's Produce Supplies - that we found. Y'all probably know of similar places, but this joint has everything from bean-sticks to tractor mounted sprayers. They have all the things that my wife usually has to order for sprouting seeds indoors and all sizes and sorts of gathering baskets. It's a big store, but it would be easy to drive by without knowing what is inside.

Next weekend we are gonna try to make it to Haney's orchard in Nancy to get apples and more cider.

Happy Fall Y'all.

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