Chinese spy balloon floating over US.


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
So we just shot down another one of chinas hot air balloon rides. Wow, this country is in for a world of shit soon.
Oh now they’re trigger itchy…

High altitude object' shot down by Pentagon over Alaska, just days after Chinese spy balloon incident​



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Aug 5, 2015
What I would like to know is, can they control the directions the balloons float or do they just float around anyway the wind blows?


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Jul 28, 2008
Yes a second one. Except this one possibly had a payload instead of surveillance equipment.
The report I saw said the object was at 40k feet. They’d tracked it for about 24 hours until it entered us airspace and it was about the size of a small car and had no discernible surveillance equipment. I don’t know if they’ve officially said it was a ballon but it would make sense if that’s how long they’d tracked it.

Since the last round I’ve been doing a little research on ballon’s. They were used as far back as the 1700s for military observation and used in ww2 to deliver ordinance. The Japanese actually launched a massive ballon attack on the US in the hopes it would cause a fire storm. Only a handful made it across the ocean and only a few did minimal damage on the west coast. Most recently the US used ballons in Iraq and Afghanistan for surveillance and the Chinese and Russians use them often for surveillance. Modern balloons can be steered with rudders and small motors. Given their light weight and operating altitude it takes minimal effort to steer using the prevailing winds and onboard equipment.

Idk I thought all that was interesting and honestly until last week I’d never thought about ballon’s being a thing… the more you know…

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