Close call


6 pointer
Oct 30, 2012
It appears he was more concerned about keeping the cat in the video than shot placement. He was lucky IMHO.


10 pointer
Oct 21, 2007
For everyone that is Judging his shooting ability and the use of his phone-

A. It's a lot more diffacult to shoot a pistol (particularly a smaller model like the one he appears to have) than you think. Let alone shoot it well. Add a lot of adrenaline into the mix and I am sure it is more than challenging.

B. While I don't think I would have been staring straight down my phone like it appears he is, I think he was smart to record the encounter. It certainly appears that he was justified to take the actions that he did, but video evidence goes a long way, and can save a lot of time and money going to court etc.

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