Coons and more Coons

Back in the 70's, when the old Mammoth Cave hotel was still there, we would go over and feed the coons at least once a week. You walk up, and sit down on the steps. Rattle a bag of anything, and they'd come out in droves. We fed them anything from dogfood, marshmallows, crackers, etc. They loved vanilla wafers. It was nothing to have 15 at your feet, and 4-5 climbing on you like in this video. It was a lot of fun. They were very gentle, and I never got nipped. I was smart enough to not tease them. Like all things, this came to an end when someone did get bitten.
They had a rabies outbreak in the late 1980s in the coon population. The same year we went camping there. A noise woke me up. I woke up my husband and he said that I was hearing things. No sooner than he said that our 96 qt. cooler, filled with cokes, meat, and four bags of ice came crashing down from the picnic table. My hubby grabbed a flashlight and went out of the tent. Then I heard, "He's eating my cigarettes!" The raccoons knocked the cooler off of the table to get into the carton of smokes that my hubby left out. They probably thought they were a box of lunch cakes. The best part was when we saw that the cooler lid stayed closed and didn't break. And these were the days before Yeti.


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Jan 13, 2019
Owen co.
When I was stationed in Massachusetts back in the early 80's. We would do a survival week at a proving grounds in New Hampshire. No tents but cots, sleeping bag, and poncho. We were rationed 2 MREs per day. If you didn't lock the MREs up in a vehicle the coons would find them no matter where you hid them. Those things are air tight sealed but some how they evolved to know that food was in those brown bags. They even knew which one had the best meals and desserts like they could read the package labels. They would crawl up on the cot while you were sleeping in your sleeping bag and wake you up feeling around under your sleeping bag for food you tried to hide. And of all the things you thought would be safe they would eat bars of soap also.
It was real comical when the city boys would wake up screaming because there would be 15 to 20 coons scurrying thru out perimeter.
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