Corn Prices 😡


12 pointer
Aug 23, 2011
Doesn't seem like many people are flinching at prices. I seen 2 guys wheel 2shopping carts up full of Cabela's buck on the bag corn yesterday in BG, I was curious what that cost them and forgot to look at price while I was in there. There was a truck in the parking lot that must have had 40 bags in the bed
It was $9 for 40 lb bags three weeks ago.


12 pointer
Apr 21, 2005
$10 at Rural King in Ashland yesterday. I thought that was a bargain, our locals are $12 and $14.
Im gonna call James Riley in Allen today and see what his is. Hes generally the cheapest around here.. Ill post this evening what it is. I think hes kinda worried right now, about 50 acres of his corn was flooded so they dont know how its gonna do

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