Dads alpha gal update

mudhole crossing

12 pointer
Aug 20, 2007
East ky
@mudhole crossing what "Levels" you speaking about.
My Army son has had it bad for 12 years or more. No change.
The scientists Wanted to find a cure or treatment, they would surely have found it by now.
Beef. Red Meat.
The Liberals WANT to do away with it so....this is helping them out.
Ain't any effort devoted to finding a cure or treatment .
The results on the right were this month. The ones on left was in October
Alpha gal has me on guard for ticks. I never gave them much thought and just pulled them off.
Horrible disease. So glad to hear he is getting better. I never heard of such a thing, but its good news.
Me too man, I buy concentrated permethrin now and make my own and use it religiously. Cheap insurance.

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