Deer Blowing


Sep 29, 2020
las vegas
So whats y’all’s thinking on a deer blowing while in stand. Had one let loose right at daylight, i never saw it but haven’t seen a deer since. Is it just better to climb down an move?


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
It happens. No, stay put. Climb down =. Scare h$ll out of everything. At least where I hunt.


Aug 15, 2002
Central, ky
Wind changes, when I started out there was no wind but I guess enough that my sent was going down hill to where they were, the first two sets of deer litterally got in front of me stopped looked right at me in a blind, then they turned around and went back where they came from, 1 even stomped her foot while looking at me. Within the next few hours the wind changed and they all came back in front of me at least 1 more time.


12 pointer
Aug 23, 2011
In a blind? Wind shouldn’t screw you much. At least I’ve never had that happen in a blind. Good luck!


8 pointer
Oct 15, 2013
I never get down when a doe blows, I just send an arrow down range or put her on the list for the next sit especially if she makes a habit of picking me out. Some does are just really annoying and belong in the freezer so their bad habits don’t rub off on other deer.


12 pointer
Dec 13, 2016
I seen them blow, then take a bite of something , chew, then blow, then take another bite. Have no idea, but i have seen others blow and never run off. I would definately not leave where im at over it.


12 pointer
Feb 11, 2008
Holland Kentucky
Stay put. They blow more then most think an it doesn't always mean they leave the country when they do blow. I have seen them blow at all kinda stuff including me. Only to come right back out. I took my daughter hunting last weekend. Had 2 8s and a 9 come out before dark. She eventually shot the 9 at 30 yards. It ran 30 or 40 yards an piles up. The other two deer followed him till he fell then they stood there a blew a couple times an stomped then ran over the hill out of site. Low an behold we go get the 4wheeler get the buck she got loaded an it was a hr later I had pics of the same bucks back on the cornpile we just hunted an killed off of. So dont move unless your wind is terrible. An the bucks I was talking about were all over 120inches.

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