Deer vs coffee


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Nov 13, 2003
Foster, KY, USA.
I've never drank it while I'm actually hunting but I usually drink a cup before I go out. I know I have to smell like it and while I don't always kill a nice buck, I've never once had to eat tag soup either.


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Feb 9, 2022
swamps of western KY
Hells bells fellas. Enjoy hunting and don’t make it so complicated.

I bring a big Stanley thermos of coffee and piss right off my stand. I am lucky to have a place where a lot of deer can come through. It’s feast or famine. You either see a lot or virtually nothing. The coffee doesn’t bother them. Just sitting drinking a cup of coffee watching animals just be animals makes the coffee better.


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Dec 1, 2003
Western Kentucky
Glad I brought a thermos today.
I am screwed. Coffee makes me go. If I eat anything ,I have a major blowout soon after. The last time I tried to cock my crossbow, I filled both shoes. I haven't tried shooting it since. . At 30 yds it would split arrows. No shooting groups with the damthing. It sucks getting in the 70's I can't do anything that I love, deer, rabbitt squirrel, bird hunting ect. Sometimes I wish I hadn't hung on so long. Better enjoy it. While you can, friends.


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Dec 26, 2019
If I drink 1 cup of coffee, I go to the bathroom once. If I drink 2 cups of coffee I will go 2-6 times. I only drink 1 if I am leaving the house


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Jul 28, 2008
If they’re going to wind you it doesn’t matter what your drinking. That said I had a basket 8 almost run me over right after I opened my thermos. I’ve also pissed n scrapes after drinking coffee and deer hit them


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Oct 13, 2015
do u really think deer season is the only time they smell coffee. what about smoke from a wood stove u think they run away because they think the woods are on fire as many houses that are in and around the wood they spook every time smell something they get use to it .

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
I was chuckling to myself this morning @Tankt saying coffee had a laxative effect.

I had my boots on walking to the door. Took two sips of coffee. By the time I got the locks unlocked on the door I was running to the bathroom.

Deer are hard to kill if you are rocking back and forth crying at the house.

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