Dehumidifier kiln

Derek Trent

Aug 17, 2019
Carter county
Started a build on a dehumidifier kiln and just wanted to share. Used pid controller and a WiFi hydrometer and temp sponsor to monitor will I’m outta town. A small dehumidifier for about 300sqft pulls moisture pretty well through a baffle after some sealing and insulating I was able to hold temps at 125 pretty steady with ambient temps around 25 using a 250watt heat lamp and100watt ceramic bulb both wired to the pid. I am using 3 seed mats to help ramp temperature up quick to around 95 which then they shut off as the bulbs take over and maintain temps. I have air dried the Osage since august I don’t use a moisture meter because well they are kinda useless on such a hard would so I’ve taken weights on certain pieces to see what moisture I can draw in 3 week intervals.


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