12 pointer
Oct 28, 2003
harrodsburg, ky, USA.
Ii noticed a couple of dogs at the shoot last saturday.
Its my understanding, and someone correct me if im wrong, that the Mercer Fish and Game Club made a ‘no dog rule at events open to the public’ which i take as any satelite club function as well.
I think its pretty common knowledge now that they will not be allowed at the tradfest, but heres the thing, if everyone attending was a game farm member, it would be fine, but its not. We have numerous attendees that are not even KTBA members, much less Game Farm members.
Folks, its all about responsibility, and liability.
You see, a club member cannot sue the club, because in essence, its sueing your self, which you cant do.
Even if you are a member of the game farm, its irresponsible to bring a dog, to a function that is open to the public.
We have to settle on one or the other.
I am not willing to take a chance being sued because someone wants to show off their dog.

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