Dove Fields


6 pointer
Oct 18, 2004
Tilled mid week, planted yesterday afternoon, sprayed prowl and spartan preemergent after planting. Ran out of the Clearfield sunflowers about 2/3 of the way through and switched over to a bag of Peredovik sunflowers I had bought just in case I ran out. Like Bigb stated the Peredovik seeds I got from SS were tiny and the planter was dropping 2 to 3 seeds per drop. Just went with it, it happened once before and the field was totally fine with (2) 7" heads in lieu of (1) 10" head where 2 plants came up at one location. Still planning to spray with lightning where the clearfields are planted and then entire field with Clethodim. Should be a good experiment to see if its worth it to spend the money on the Clearfields next year or just roll with the Peredovik.

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