E.U. leaders make Ukraine a candidate for membership

High Rack

12 pointer
Dec 21, 2009
in the hills
It's a double edged sword, and they better play with it very carefully. Personally, I think we need to give them F 18s and let the Ukrainian pilots dust some Russian ass and be done with it, then dare China to do shit, but that takes balls, so Joe and Company is out. Putin knows that if he was to launch a nuke, he would be nothing but ice dust the next minute.


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
The military industrial complex has turned into the monster that President Eisenhower warned us it would become. This whole Ukraine mess is being used as a money laundering and money making machine.
Ukraine has been Bidens honey hole for yrs! All this money being sent over is putting millions in his pockets and we will be paying it back.

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