Elk Draw is open


12 pointer
Feb 25, 2007
Well, I put in again. Thanks for all the post on this threat, with the knowledge, and also willing to help out. Good luck everybody!

mudhole crossing

12 pointer
Aug 20, 2007
East ky
My son wanted to enter so we put his name in the hat. I’m not too excited if he does get drawn because of all the BS u have to go through to even hunt where there’s elk. If he don’t get to hunt on the creek here I ain’t fooling with it.


6 pointer
Jan 11, 2015
Went back and forth on to put in or not , I’ve applied every year it’s been open , never been drawn either, I be honest I don’t know how I feel about it , I hear all the horror stories on some of the hunts and all the cheating over the years to get tags , I about forgot about it until my wife reminded me 6 hours before deadline so I’m in again…Don’t think I can afford a guide so if I do get drawn guess I’ll do it on my own … Good luck guys


8 pointer
Jan 23, 2009
A hunters paradise
Anyone know why they extended the deadline to apply for the elk hunts this year?? Just curious??

I applied, and put my son in for a youth tag.


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
I'm putting again this year after drawing in 2019 since this is my first year of being eligible again. Ate tag soup in 2019 so I'd love to redeem that sometime in the next few years if I can.
I got drawn 19 and didn’t get one either but it was my fault. Had a chance and blew it. Haven’t decided it I want to put in again or not.

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