end of season quail hunt


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Jun 17, 2005
Took off a couple hours early from work to get one more run in. My little GSP Nya made quick work and found a covey 10 minutes outta the truck. They were just inside a heavy covered thicket from a bean field. I could only go down about 20 yards and enter them from below was the plan. They had another idea, as I could hear them rustling in the leaves then flushed. I only saw 2 birds and didn't see where the rest flew to. Anyway we hunted around to where I thought they would fly to. No luck but my Nya did lock up just across from where they had flushed from no more than 50 yards. Kicked out a single that flew straight up and banked back to the left. Took a snap shot with the back trigger as the bird already put some yards between us. It fell dead out in the open field. Nya made the retrieve, not to hand but almost. We covered the surrounding fields but never got back on anymore. Eastern zone is done but I'll be down south central till the season is over.


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Sep 26, 2016
A good day in KY. My friend and I put up 3 coveys. All wild very wild birds. My GSP was awesome and earned shotgun on the way back home. Can’t wait for Saturday to roll back around.

Great pic of the dog and birds, I did not know there were any quail left. Have not heard a whistle or seen any in 10 years. Maybe there is hope of a come back.

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