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First time night hunting coyotes, yee haw


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Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
I bought the Hogster 35 and later added a video recorder to it.
I believe it was 2,850 dollars great scope they Hava a Hogster 25 and another one less than, the 25 is 2,500 the other I believe is 2,000 but you get a smaller field of view and less base magnification.
The 35 is about perfect in my opinion and I'm sure there are more maybe even better options but I love mine.
Bering Optics?

cedar ridge

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Dec 3, 2015
South Central KY
What’s your definition of reasonably priced is the big question lol I have a thread on here about a night vision scope that’s in the 400 dollar range. I’ve ordered it but yet to receive it. Once I get to play with it I’d be willing to offer you a review but could not compare to others as I’ve never used any type of thermal or nv before. If you were close to me I’d let you check it out even. But I think if you got to hunt with a good thermal for a night you may be ruined lol
I was thinking maybe $1k to $1200 max just because I know I wouldn’t use it as much as I like to think I would. I’d sure be interested to hear what you think of yours when you get it.


Jan 20, 2022
by the cumberland
I bought the Hogster 35
Plus one on the Bering Optics, they have the best warranty. I started with the super hogster (35mm) and the image is truly amazing. But I learned real quick that scanning with a rifle for an hour or so makes your arms feel like noodles. I saved for a another year and sold some stuff to get the hogster in 25mm for scanning, now its enjoyable to sit out at night and scan. The ole adage " buy once, cry once" applies here cause there are ALOT of fancy parts inside of thermals and NV so I dont recommend going cheap.

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