Governor Beshear using his executive authority to legalize marijuana in Ky.


12 pointer
Jul 21, 2009
Ed is a good guy. He's just jaded a bit. He has the correct morals/principles/work ethic but he doesn't realize the middle determines every election.....period. The circle jerks on each side are factored in which means they are a non-factor. The middle is what swings the vote one way or another. Either we sway the intelligent middle class who don't want to wallow in the muck or we lose. It's that simple.

Given the fact our two parties agree on absolutely nothing accept spending money I can't see how anyone can vote for both or how a swing voter even exist. I would ask the question "What do you believe in exactly?" Intelligent isn't the word I would use to describe them but whatever....I'm sure it makes sense to somebody