Ground hog hunting. Who else enjoys it?


6 pointer
Jan 13, 2019
Owen co.
Little FR I ease out of the house every day now and look past my garage to the neighbors barn looking for one before I slam the house door. I usually kill 5 or 6 a year from there but didn't see any from there last year.
I was going to go over to the neighbors hot spot this afternoon. Two big barns two sheds and a sink hole that would swallow a small farm house. All sitting with in 150 yards from the spot where I park my quad and set up.
But when I got things together and headed over they were loading up cattle.
The Contenders are ready for action and I have been working up loads for a Savage 112 single shot in 22-250 that I picked up back in the fall.

Little FR

12 pointer
Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky

Had a few minutes today.
65yds .223 77gr OTM.

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