Gun hunting the rut


12 pointer
Apr 21, 2005
I hear there is close if not over one million deer in Ky.
We hunters using all types of weapons kill only 100-150
thousand a year. I would bet there are a lot of bigger bucks
that never get killed year after year......would not you
Kys season is set up for all types of hunters,meat,first timers,kids
and trophy.All can hunt and many can be successful....
After hunting in some other states I’ve come to realize how good we have it here in Kentucky


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Oct 7, 2015
Come join me in NC. Short bow season, 2 weeks of ML and then months of rifle hunting. 2 buck limit. Deer are like long tail cats in a room full of rocking chairs before Thanksgiving. Oh and the get dogged in much of the state. Even with all that we still have 4 year old bucks, not many, but they are there.

You guys have it pretty good I’d say.


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Oct 18, 2013
Having grown up hunting in Ohio, I wish they would make their season more like Kentucky's.

- Open on a Saturday, instead of Monday.
- Gun season during the rut, if possible.
- 2 week gun season.

They've definitely improved things by allowing the straight-wall rifle cartridges. That's a step in the right direction. I love hunting here in Kentucky. Never got to see this kind of rut activity when I hunted in Ohio.