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Guns in dumpster


12 pointer
Dec 17, 2007
Greenup Co.
I gotta a buddy who works at one of the convince centers here. You would be completely amazed at stuff people throw away. Last year him and his co-workers got a brand new CVA muzzleloader, a Mathews compound bow, a shoe box sized box full of old coins, and more fishing rods and reels than ya could count. The bow, muzzleloader, and coins was all from one person, who they asked were they sure they wanted to throw it away. The reply they got floored them. Lady said it was my husband's chit and since he passed I have no need for things collecting dust.

He swears I'd be amazed at stuff thrown out
I hear stories of guys that find antique outboards and other goodies at salvage yeads and garage sales, but I never get lucky like that.

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