Happy Groundhog Day!!


6 pointer
Jan 13, 2019
Owen co.
Groundhog season is just around the corner. Time to get the guns out and check the scopes for zero. I will be at the range soon working on load development with the Contender 14 inch 6mm PPC barrel. I ended the season last year with a 175 yardish kill. Hoping to break the 200 yard mark this year.

More time behind the trigger and the better my confidence gets for taking long shots. Lots of things have to come together to pull off long shots with a handgun. The most critical is a good solid rest. I added a Bog Pod Death grip to my arsenal of equipment and what a difference it made. I ended my last Groundhog hunting set with 3 hogs killed at 125-175 yards with 4 shots fired. It paid off during deer season also I took 3 does with the 7-30 Waters at distance's out 80-100 yards to fill the freezer.

Good luck and Happy Hunting


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