Here We Go Again (22-23)


8 pointer
Oct 28, 2013
Punch right in the gut to start day 1. Having a dog has slowed me down a little. And So did the hangover. Got to a spot that we have hunted opening day for the last 3 years and never had anyone come in. Trucks parked there. No big deal. Spot 2 same thing. Still not panicked spot 3 was open. Walked in with about 50 minutes to go. Get to the spot and see 3 head lamps come on at the other end of the slough. No clue where they parked or how they got there. Respectfully backed out and just went with a small creek that I’ve bumped birds out of when deer hunting lately. Never got to take the safety off.

But on the plus side Ozzy was on cloud 9. Poor dog was in the zone focused on every sound or movement around us. Got to send him on a couple bumpers to keep him entertained. You could tell he was in his element. Try again tomorrow. Just happy to be back at it.


12 pointer
Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
Well it’s early season opener and the young guns seem to be on the board. Hope you all forget you dude wipes and are forced to use a glove at least once this year.

I've already gained a couple sleeveless t shirts since early goose opened.

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