How confident are you in the election process?

Breshear is a fake election, placed fraud also. One of hundreds
And computer tabulators!!!!!!
Well, let’s assume for a second that you’re right, they can control any election they want with the flip of the switch and they just decided to throw the Republicans a bone in the vast majority of the rest of the elections in the state. Why are we even here debating then? It’s over, let’s just enjoy life until the shooting starts. I don’t buy that, it’s because of mail in ballots and harvesting. Our side better get on board and learn how to harvest votes.



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Jun 6, 2002
Bullitt Co, Ky.
Yes those are examples of those on the left.
But the need to examine the right is more important. And there are extremists.
Extremists wrote the declaration of independence and the US constitution and fought the American revolution. Christ was an extremist and they kilked him for it.
12 extremists taught the world what Christ taught them. 10 of them were murdered also!!!!!!

Extremists, verses the "i dont wanna hurt anybodies feelings so I'll capitulate to self destructive insanity, cheating and make a lot of money politicians? I guess i choose the people you call extremists every time.


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Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Breshear is a fake election, placed fraud also. One of hundreds
It has been said Ky’s goober election was a trial run. I can tell you exactly how the next one will go.

Legalized Marijuana will be on the ballot or at least a big issue. Beshear will get a majority of the college voters on that alone, then of course you have all the team ky voters who are just. I have heard his name mentioned several times as a presidential candidate.

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