Huntin house


6 pointer
Dec 11, 2020
South East Ky
I will.
I gotta put some vinyl flooring in it this weekend I got for nothing.
And gonna add another 2x4 to window seal on inside for a sand bag ledge for shooting. I got them laying round to.
And I’m gonna build a little table off the cedar post inside to put stuff on.
And also gonna put some steps in. Got them for nothing just gotta do some modifications.
And add a rubber door sweep after flooring is in to get my height. Already got that too.
Later on I may go to Lowe’s and buy some of that foam board with foil on it to put on walls. But not really worried bout that.
That will put my expenses over $500 but that’s fine. Still cheaper than the redneck blinds and serves the purpose.
Your blind is a real redneck blind, the other manufactured one's are far from being a redneck blind. Lol.


12 pointer
Sep 9, 2018
Barren county

Huntin house is done.

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