I’d try it


12 pointer
Aug 5, 2015
Most use greyhound, but I’m not sure in this video
My Grandson has a dog that looks like a greyhound but is fast as hell.
They have to keep him on a chain because when he gets loose, he wants to run all over the place chasing anything in sight.
He is so fast he can catch anything. I always told my Grandson that I wanted to take him to the dog races.
Two pups was dropped at my house and my son was supposed to give them away. I told him they look like killers to me .
Well he gave one away and kept one against me saying to get rid of them both.
This dog would be good for running Coyotes and I bet he would chase a Mountain Lion and tree it or catch it.
My Grandson loves animals but I think he would like to find this one a good home so he can have chickens and rabbits.

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