I think its time to discuss stocking policy

B.M. Barrelcooker

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Jan 12, 2006
KDFWR spends millions of our wildlife dollars every year stocking " non-native" fish in streams and lakes where they have zero chance of reproduction or survival. It appears to be a tremendous failure and waste of lots of our funds. The most obvious one is the trout stocking program.
Wouldn't it be more beneficial to supplement our natural streams with native species that could not only survive but thrive?
We are putting trout in waters that can't sustain them......for what? I love trout and its neat that we can catch a few here in some places. I'm not referring to the Cumberland as the trout seem to do quite well there and there are reports of successful reproduction from that river. I think Rock Creek in Mcreary can also support trout year round. We have a few more streams where trout can thrive .But stocking thousands of 10" trout in concrete or rip rap tailraces or in city park lakes so folks can catch them and have a meal of tiny dull grey pellet fed hatchery trout it just doesn't make good sense .

I would like to see the Dept focus more on sustainable populations of native fish like sauger and smallmouth and other species that "belong" here. I think we are really wasting money and opportunity in a lot of cases.

What does everyone else think?
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Mar 14, 2005
I agree 100% with BM. But the counter argument of course is that if you have bought a trout stamp you have a "right" to catch and kill a limit of 'trout'. Even if it is out of a concrete lined park pond. and even if the cost of raising and then delivering the fish to the trout pond hundreds of miles from a cold water environment is not remotely covered by the cost of a trout stamp. Whole concept cannot be economically defended.
I disagree - The Dept does stock other native species in our streams where it makes sense to do so. If you don't want to fish trout, fine - go fish for bluegill or muskie. I like to fish for trout. I only fly fish. I am old and have a hard time crawling around on rough terrain to get to fishing holes. But, I can put on my waders and hobble down the hill from my house to the Licking River and most times catch a little faded pellet fed rainbow and it is a thrill. Those little trout fight harder pound for pound than most fish. Without the trout stocking program, I would not bother to get a KY fishing license. Instead, I would spend the time and money to go to WV to fish for real trout. Last time there, I landed a 27" Brown that was my personal record.

I don't Turkey hunt, but I am not bitching about efforts to improve the turkey flock. I don't Elk hunt (not from lack of trying) but I still support that program and those who are lucky enough to be drawn. Not every program is going to benefit every hunter or angler.

Not every sportsman is after the same fish and game as you Sir. Enjoy what you enjoy and stop crapping on those items that you do not want.


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Oct 9, 2006
My problem is the size of the trout. At least in the Hamilton county parks in Ohio the trout are between 14 and 20 inches stocked most years. Makes it a lot more fun and better use. Only fished the stocked trout once down here and was frustrated seeing all of the “sardines” that were swimming around.

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