Increasing Deaths - Due to Covid lockdowns?


12 pointer
Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
Some of the medical consequences of lockdowns are finally becoming evident. While increasing deaths due to delaying treatment were predictable, I'm surprised at how big the number is in Britain and I'm wondering if excess deaths in the US are perhaps being hidden by the CDC and the press.

We will never know the true cost of the - IMH0 - unnecessary lockdowns. (Trillions in unnecessary national debt. Inflation and higher interest rates. Kids out of school for a year. Loneliness, depression and suicide. Bogus mail in ballots.) But the increased number of deaths now being seen in Britain are one unassailable indication that the cost was much higher than the politicians or the folks at the CDC told us they would be.



Jan 19, 2004
Greenup, ky, USA.
The lockdowns were nothing more than a test. The people in power, utilized their useful idiots to see what backlash would come from the oppression of lockdown. They will attempt more stringent lockdowns in the future. It's what authoritarians live for, now everyone get your mask on and get in your house.