Increasing Inflation Act


12 pointer
Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
If you have a little side hustle where you’re making a few bucks you don’t claim at the farmers’ market or eBay they’re coming after you with the threat of prison. Make a few cash deposits that don’t come from reported income then hide and watch. They’re not going after billionaires who can lawyer up and fight for years lol. This nation was founded because of BS like this.



12 pointer
Dec 19, 2017
Southern wva
Crooked SOBs every one of em the working folk should just all quit stop everything live on ya own and see how fast things change let it all go down the tubes if no one works they are hit in the mouth the ones that mooch now can’t mooch they will be the ones starting trouble .. First No workie no taxes no taxes it all falls fast

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