Jan 6th Insurrectionists Can't catch a break.


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Nov 23, 2019
Guarding my lovely bluebirds
Pffffftttt. There you go again. Did not say you’re an addict, only that you have good drugs. You need to read a Chicago Manual of Style, any of them.
Being the daughter of a doctor of pharmacology, I grew up with a huge glass jar which contained two of every type of drug having ever been manufactured by one particularly large pharmaceutical entity; so, yes, I have always had access to what many would consider to be "good drugs" and vast knowledge about them. Regardless, I never once dipped my little hands into that jar and must be hard pressed to take drugs of any kind, which means that you cannot have any from me, as you stated was your desire. Meanwhile, you advocate for drug thugs on the streets pushing to elementary kids.


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
i've seen camera videos of a supposed W.H. cop breaking windows,an inviting people to climb through.
An that girl who got shot in the W.H. sucker punched some dude, who was miss behaving.


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Dec 19, 2017
Southern wva
Yes she was and a veteran , George Floyd has a statue LOL. This is our our country , we have a better chance that a cotton ball will crack our skull than these people maki g any sense at all it’s pathetic. It’s past time for people to fight back for the country


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Oct 11, 2005
The baseball bats were handed out on site by the insurrectionist. The day of, or day after I saw a picture of the very room inside the capital where the bats were being handed from. There was several people in there smiling for the picture and they were surrounded by movie production equipment. Cameras on tripods, light screens, laptops and fuzzy boom mics. All focus was on the winder that was ABOUT to broken. I really wish I had downloaded a lot of what I saw. The pictures were all scrubbed within a few hours.
The insurrectionist were well prepared to get some great camera and video shots from several different angles of the violent mob. The capital was setup in the area's that were breeched with all of the props like fake teargas, smoke bombs and generators to get some great camera shots. That violent day and the stain on our democracy:) by Trump supporters had to be sold to every single American by the MSM.
Footage from inside the room.

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