January 6 hearings on prime time


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Oct 11, 2005

Do all "visitors" and "demonstrators" coming to the capital call it a Revolution? Bless her Hart....
Not many rub a cut onion in their eyes to induce redeye and tears either 😭

Close your eyes and shake your head while screaming YAGADY YAGADY. Then slowly awaken and realize you've been lied to by the very people you have been indoctronized to trust.


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Jul 25, 2007
A mob breaches the capital during the transfer of power and one of the domestic terrorist was shot. Sad story indeed.
Why do you commie, lib-turds continue to refer to patriots as "domestic terrorists"? Not all those that day were of the looney nature, even the ones that did enter the bldg weren't all idiots.
You oughtta have piss running down your leg after making that statement about a US servicemember veteran that you do not know.
I give a flip what some jack-wagon investigation of the trigger-happy whine-bag that shot her for no reason concluded. A lot of the investigatory hack-jobs of the last few years are just that - hack-jobs with blatant & criminal polarization at their core.
If she had had a weapon and pointed it at that dude I'd give him props for defending himself. Instead he is a POS!


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Jul 3, 2015
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May 28, 2003
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CNN is on it. This is not an opinion piece but it sure as hell reads like one lol. They can’t even report on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents without bringing up what they THINK will be Trump’s response. That’s not unbiased reporting, that’s state media.

Ever since the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago in August – a search that uncovered dozens of additional classified files – Trump has promoted wild and unfounded allegations about his predecessors’ supposed mishandling of government records. The news about classified records turning up at Biden’s private office is sure to provide new fodder to Trump, who has already announced his 2024 presidential bid.
This seems pretty founded lol.



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Jul 3, 2015
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Still not warm and fuzzy yet. I'm pretty sure this is nothing but phase 3 of the NWO's removal of Biden 24.
Hillary had emails marked SCI and she just said I moved them to the recycle bin on an unsecure server. To the point that head of the FBI had to be reminded he was under oath before gavel fell. Zip Notta period.
Now President Trump on the other hand will have to pay for White House Photo's of kenya and kim found at mara lago.
Rubbing our faces in those SOBes!


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Jul 13, 2003
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Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA

Justice Department admits it has 30 gigs of data from Jan. 6 committee unseen by public​

My wife called me and told me what was going on that day. She made it sound like a full blown war. I started looking for footage and all I seen were the doors being opened and people walking in unopposed.