Kentucky Defense vs. Penn State in 76 and 77


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Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
Crazy what you can find on YouTube. This video shows the defensive highlights of the games against Penn State in 76 and 77 but - unfortunately - it isn't Cawood on the call.

For the old-timers out there, this video will bring back some memories....



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Dec 2, 2004
Laurel County
I remember some of those guys. The following season was my freshman year at UK. UK went 10-1 with their only loss to Baylor. Sadly they couldnt go to a bowl game due to being on probation. I lived off campus in the Garden Springs area. I drove back and forth to class parking at Commonwealth Stadium and then caught a bus to the main campus. Two of the players lived close to me. Kelly Kirchbaum was my next door neighbor and Dave Fadrowski lived 3 houses down as I recall. Kelly was married with a young son. Many times I gave him a ride to campus and dropped him off at the Seaton Center. Kelly played a year or so in the NFL but not sure of the teams.
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