Kentucky Football is BAAACK!!! Sadly enough...


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Aug 23, 2011

Michigan would be a top team in the sec whether you want to believe it or not. Who would challenge them? LSU? You are kidding yourself. Tennessee? Good game I rectal. Alabama very well would beat them but that would largely be due to coaching in my opinion. Who else? The sec is simply not good right now.
Put them in the SEC and they’ll have 2-3 losses every year. It’s a different game.


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
Didnt realize we were only discussing this year. When was that decided?
I understand now. I totally agree that year in and year out the sec is the predominant collegiate football conference. Under no circumstances am I arguing otherwise. I’m just saying that this year is crazy in that there really are only 2 outstanding teams. Georgia looks like a meatgrinder and our only hope is that Michigan can make a miracle. Other than that… football is very diluted in my opinion. Lots of teams can beat lots of teams and the talent level seams to be equally lackluster


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Oct 15, 2013
It will be fun. It will also expose players to more chances at a bad injury. That’s the big drawback, imo.
Yep, shorten the regular season, to 10 games. Expand the playoff, everyone else gets bowl treatment


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Jun 28, 2012
You need to refresh your memory of that years schedule and the results. ND was quite literally the only team to face Alabama. Literally no one else had any business in that game either.
Still talking about 2012? Based on what record and being ND? So I looked up a few facts to refresh my memory. They beat 1 top 10 team, Oklahoma, who only got to #8. After the Bama game the best ND finished in the polls was #4 in the coaches poll. Definitely a year a playoff (or something) might have helped. No other SEC team was considered because of two + losses (plus they wouldn’t match them in bowl games then) but GA, FLA, SC, AM, LSU were all pretty good but had at least two losses. At the end of the regular season ND was 1 in a few polls so I guess they belonged there? AM actually beat Bama during the season. But you may be right. Maybe no one but Bama belonged? However the final coaches poll that year had 5 SEC teams in top 10. NDs only big win, Oklahoma, finished 15th. How was that a better system than now or what we could have? Because besides the 1 loss, ND didn’t really “earn” it during the regular season based on opponents and strength of schedule. They just had a good record and like Alabama, Michigan, OSU, etc…they got a football name. I don’t know that I like the 12 Team playoff either but there probably isn’t a perfect system. But bowl selection was far from perfect.