Kentucky medical marijuana legalization


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Oct 15, 2013
I have no doubt pot will work in some cases!
But I also have no doubt your only interested in it becoming legal is so you can get high and have a way of not getting in trouble.
The republican party isn't dieing it is being choked out by Democrat's promising people the free life style food drink and all the crazy sex and drugs they can have!
You sound so much like Trump with your I make alot of money and I pay more taxes than you make bull shit!
No one wants to hear you crap i call bull shit your just a wannabee that gets high, that's fine drinking smoke all you want but stop trying to convince everyone pot is the miracle drug.
I've worked with idiots like you my entire life your a slave to pot and worship it like it's a God!
You even use it in your screen name your so possessed with it!
I could careless if they make it legal as long as it's done for the right reason's but our goverment would rather give people free drugs and needles to junkies than help someone with diabetes that actually has a disease that they can't do anything about.
Why not get behind that cause?
I know why because it does nothing to get you high!
Ya all Im saying is that is should be legal. Not that is a miracle drug.

And my name is because I love throwing buzz baits.

No one wants to hear your holier than thou, I'll tell you how to live BS.


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Dec 25, 2008
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I'm no fan of buzzy, but this is just dumb. Particularly the car analogy. You can't function in modern society without ever getting in a car. I mean, dude, seriously.

You're suggesting that military people who took a hit in combat had it coming? Really? What about draftees?
Seriously? What’s dumb is what you just said. I in no way suggested anyone had anything coming. What I said is that everything that happens to us is a direct result of a decision we made. Everything else that happens after that is a side effect of others decisions. We have no control over what decisions others make, only our own. Draftees no longer exist in the military. My comments are factual and should not be made personal. A person joins the police or military knowing the risk. That’s their decision, and a brave one at that. Then whoever decides to build an IED or shoot at an officer makes a decision to do so. The end result is the culmination of two individuals decisions. So yes, personal CHOICES cause anything and everything that happens to us.

ETA: Forgot to address the car analogy. You decide to go hunting this morning. So you get in your car. Joe Blow is drunk as a skunk at the bar. Decides he’s going home. Joe Blow hits you head on. In no way is that accident your fault. But you was still on the road because you CHOSE to go hunting. You got hit because he CHOSE to drive drunk. There’s your full circle culmination of events. In no way does that mean you, or anyone for that matter, deserved to get hit. EVERYTHING in life is because of choices no matter how insignificant they may seem. Call it chain reaction, call it the butterfly effect, call it whatever you want. But that’s what makes the world go round. Personal choices….
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It's my business when my tax money payes for it! You want to get high get high but don't ask me to work and support your habits.
I didn’t ask you for a straw man argument. I don’t want to get high lol but if I did I’d pay for it myself. Having you pay for it would be violating your rights and that’s not what I asked. So, you haven’t answered my question at all. Try harder.

So? What business is that of yours so long as your rights aren’t violated? I’m trying to “get” that part.


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Jan 26, 2009
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I didn’t ask you for a straw man argument. I don’t want to get high lol but if I did I’d pay for it myself. Having you pay for it would be violating your rights and that’s not what I asked. So, you haven’t answered my question at all. Try harder.
How are they not?
I'm not against legalizing pot, I'm against the abuse I'm against little Andy using it to further his agenda while I'm forced to help pay for it!


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Nov 23, 2019
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Great, I’m not either so long as it doesn’t violate my civil rights. It’s none of my business so long as it doesn’t affect me and/or I’m not footing the bill for it or the repercussions of its use. Sounds to me like we are in agreement here.

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Dec 21, 2009
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No, parrots are intelligent. You sound more like a slimy slug or bloated tick, to me.
How does a slimy slug sound? How about a bloated tick? I did a google search and just can not find out the sounds you a referring to. I know you are the smartest Troll on the net, so you must have something to back up your referral.

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