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May 28, 2003
In the basement
A few years ago, my wife was getting dressed and her back started hurting her. She went down. I put her in bed, and she was in so much pain that she was crying and begging for me to do something. This went on for right at a full year.
I loaded her up and took her to the DR. They gave her mussel relaxers and told her to take Ibuprofen. All that did absolutely nothing for her.
We went back and they gave her gabapentin and that did nothing but make her legs jerk. Her pain got so bad I had to take her to the ER several different times and they gave her shots and oxycodone and that worked but they would only give her enough for a few days
Her pain was so bad it raised her blood pressure dangerously high that it could have killed her. I asked her family DR to give her oxycodone because it was the only thing that worked. They refused to give it to her.
I would have done anything I could to help my wife. I sat by her at her bed a lot trying to comfort her.
She had shots put in her back that did nothing for her.
IF DR's won't give the right pain killers out when needed then damn right, I would have given her a joint if I had one. I would have at least given it a try.

You can go to a dentist and have a tooth pulled and they will prescribe oxycodone and enough for a couple weeks. I found that out from my son. He had gone to the dentist and had work done. The dentist gave him a bunch of oxycodone. He asked us what the ER gave, and we told him oxycodone. He told us he had some from where his dentist gave it to him. He brought his pill bottle up and it still had every pill in the bottle, and he had taken none of them. They had been sitting in his cabinet for almost a year.

There are two differences to taking drugs.
One is if a person is in bad pain.
The second is if a person is only wanting drugs to get high.
A junkie placing blame on genetics is just a way for to them to try and justify their habit.
Did the doctors do a x-ray or MRI of your wife's back to try an find what could be causing the pain?
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Aug 5, 2015
Did the doctors do a x-ray or MRI of your wife's back to try an find what could be causing the pain?
Yes I can't remember but I am thinking I paid for both X Ray and she did a open MRI. Arthritis really bad and some Disc that was worn out and out of place???
I know back pain from when I had back problems. I was working on my tractor seat, and I was taking it out to weld the bottom that had broke. I reached in and picked the seat up, out over the steering wheel and out the door. The seat was pretty heavy, and I am guessing 70 pounds and was something I could lift easy. I guess it was just the way I lifted the seat that got me. I welded the seat and put it back in but before that I told my wife I must have pulled a muscle or something. as the day went on, we ate supper, and my back was killing me. We went to my barn to strip tobacco until 10pm but when I got to the table I could not stand, sit or lay. I was in pain so bad. I left and hobbled back to the house to lay down. I could not find any position that I could get comfortable with.
I was around 20 years younger back then. It took me forever to start to get better. I did not go to the DR because I hatted DR's and we could not afford the bill. As time went on I would drive but I would have to lean on the truck door as I was driving. After a long time I was a somewhat better and of the morning I could hardly get out of bed. My wife would rub my back and there would be a knot that she pushed and rubbed in. After she pushed it, I was fine until the next morning. Now days if I stand in one place very long my left leg will start burning from my belt to well below my knee.