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    Nov 19, 2013
    Kenton County
    The Kentucky State YHEC Competition was (quietly) held this past weekend in Bardstown. And by "quietly" I mean that hardly anyone knew about it going on or knows what it is. Nelson County came out the victor this year with the 1st place team. This was our first year competing in 9 years and our kids had a blast even thought it got up to almost 100 degrees.

    YHEC (Youth Hunter Education Challenge) is a co-sponsored program between 4H and the NRA. If you've taken the orange card test, it is like passing 1st grade and YHEC is the master's course in college. These youth study hard all year round to get the chance to compete with others who are dedicated to improving their knowledge, safety, and hunting skills.

    YHED teaches the youth through staged "real world hunting simulations" to challenge them and make them better outdoors-persons. The areas they compete in are: 3D Archery, Trap/Sporting Clays, Black Powder, Riflery, Hunting Safety, Wildlife ID, Orienteering, and Knowledge (a written test).

    If you have youth that are interested in becoming a better outdoors-person/hunter/etc I strongly suggest that they see if there is currently a program available in your county by contacting your local extension office. If you don't have one available get a hold of me (8S9-44S-SO92 * S=5) and I can put you in touch with someone to come out and do a demonstration for them.

    37201583_573725939689858_214446896750526464_n.jpg 37190439_573725843023201_843769629791748096_n.jpg 37181339_573725196356599_7412688364018597888_n.jpg 37161006_573724966356622_4171836635232600064_n.jpg 37229541_573724686356650_5975402421977874432_n.jpg 37221200_573724599689992_4449934144150962176_n.jpg 37265108_573724429690009_2005481390560247808_n.jpg 37134797_573724386356680_2764071261842702336_n.jpg 37157306_573724159690036_4747088053594488832_n.jpg
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    I live in Nelson and I never heard anything about it either. Looks like a great event. Good job to those involved!

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