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Velvet ears

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Nov 6, 2013
West KY
As most of you know, my 7 year old daughter wanted to start shooting archery a few months ago. She's been doing very well finishing in the top 3 at every tournament she has been to against girls 1 ft taller and 1 year older than her. She's at the top of the list for KY Jr Eagle Shooter of the Year in S3DA so far with 1 regional tournament and state tournament left to go. She's made major strides in tightening her groupings and getting closer to that 200 milestone.

Most know Jr (my son) shoots competitive trap. He has ever since he was 11. He has traveled all over the country shooting tournaments over the past 5 years and does quite well. He has won a truckload of awards. So last night we were having our end of season fun shoot for the high school league and my little miss decided she wanted to try shooting trap. Keep in mind she is 3' tall and 35 lbs. I was a bit skeptical as I thought the recoil would scare her and keep her from wanting to do it after she gets a bit older. My plan was to wait until she was 9 or 10 yrs old to start her out due to her size. I showed her what it was going to feel like and she said it didn't hurt. So I grabbed the shortened 12 gauge BT-99 and a few lighter load 1 oz shells and off we went to the 16 yards line to try it out. All she has shot up to this point is a BB gun. So I put the stock in her shoulder pocket, showed her what to do, and then it was time to see what would happen. She couldn't hold the front of the gun up, so I assisted her. She called pull and bang! I was waiting for her to run off crying not wanting to get near the gun. To my surprise, she smiled real big and said I want to do it again. So we shot a few more. Never hit a clay, but at this point it didn't matter. It was all a matter of getting her use to shooting a gun. It looks like I am going to have an archer/trap shooter on my hands in the foreseeable future. She's turning into daddy's little shooting buddy. It must have been all those archery and trap tournaments she has traveled to as a baby that makes shooting peak her interest.

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JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
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You are doing a Great Job as a Dad.
If a young kid is around Firearms and shooting, they take to it very quick.
Girls can shoot too!
My youngest son is a HI Speed individual. Army Ranger, Paratrooper etc and of Course....
Has 2 Girls. He is making the best of it and has his 5 year old "Push the Button" for him in skeet shooting. She shoots .22 and he's ready to mover her up soon.
I'm gonna send him those 2 photos.
Good looking family there @Velvet ears

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